The World's Festival -- 9-12 March 2018 -- Botanic Park, Adelaide WOMADelaide

Terms & Conditions

Use of WOMADelaide RFID Wristbands

1. Use of the RFID Wristbands to purchase beverages at WOMADelaide 2018 Cashless Bars constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as set out below

1.1 Users Agree

(a) to be bound by these terms and conditions and all applicable laws and regulations; and
(b) not to use the RFID Wristband in any way that is unlawful, misleading, deceptive, unfair or causes detriment to any other person
(c) that entry to WOMADelaide 2018 (“The Festival”) and use of the WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristbands also constitutes acceptance of the general Terms and Conditions of Entry to WOMADelaide, viewable here:

2. Activating and adding credit to RFID Wristbands

2.1 On receipt of a WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristband, users can visit to create an account using a credit or debit card, that is uniquely and securely linked via an external payment processor (eWay) to their wristband. This is referred to generally as “activating” the RFID Wristband. This account will allow users to activate and add credit to their wristband, generally referred to as “topping-up.” Users will require their personal wristband number, a personally accessible email address and a credit/debit card with sufficient funds to Activate their wristband. Users will be able to login via this online portal and top-up credit to their wristband at any point both prior to, and during, The Festival

2.2 To activate and top-up a wristband online, users must provide their true and correct full name, in addition to a valid email address. A correct email address is required in order to confirm and validate successful wristband activation

2.3 Users that have activated their wristbands can additionally choose to automatically top-up their credit by a specified amount of either $20, $50 or $100 whenever their balance drops below $10

2.4 Only one account can be created per wristband

2.5 During The Festival, users can also add credit to their wristbands via the allocated ‘Top-Up Booths' situated on-site at WOMADelaide 2018

2.6 Users that wish to Top-Up their wristband at a Top-Up Booth will not be required to “Activate” their wristband and create an online account if they do not wish to. Credit may be added to their wristband via Top-Up Booths using cash or card, and added credit will similarly continue to be uniquely associated with the users wristband number

2.7 American Express or Diners Club cards are not accepted for payment at any WOMADelaide Bars, Top-Up Booths or via the WOMADelaide Cashless Bars online portal

2.8 A maximum amount of $500 credit is able to be loaded onto any individual wristband account at any time

3. Using your RFID Wristband

3.1 Credit loaded onto a WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristband is redeemable only at WOMADelaide bars over the 2018 festival period

3.2 Purchases made using an RFID Wristband will see the wristband credit balance reduced by the price of the goods purchased

3.3 If insufficient credit is loaded onto a user’s wristband, the user will be required to top-up in order to purchase goods, or finalise the transaction with EFTPOS

3.4 RFID Wristbands cannot be redeemed for cash

3.5 Users cannot obtain any cash advance with their RFID Wristband

3.6 Users will not be able to transfer any credit from one RFID Wristband account to another

3.7 As per the general Term and Conditions of Entry to WOMADelaide, wristbands are void if removed, and any credit attached to an individual’s RFID Wristband will not be able to be spent at WOMADelaide Bars if the wristband is not attached to the users wrist when presented

4. Damaged, lost or stolen WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristbands

4.1 WOMADelaide accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or destruction of a WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristband and has no obligation to replace or refund value for lost, stolen or damaged wristbands

4.2 WOMADelaide may prevent further use of an RFID Wristband if The Festival believes or has reason to suspect that usage in breach of these terms and conditions, or the general WOMADelaide 2018 Terms and Conditions of Entry

4.3 WOMADelaide may, at its sole discretion, re-allocate lost or damaged RFID Wristbands with a newly issued wristband

4.4 Wristbands activated with a true and correct full name, email address and credit card, are able to be de-activated and have any un-used credit retrieved and refunded after the festival, provided there is credit remaining on the wristband at the time of notification and identification of the user by The Festival

4.5 Users should treat their wristbands like cash. WOMADelaide will not be responsible or liable for any funds stolen or missing from lost RFID Wristbands

4.6 Users should attend Top-Up Booths at the festival for advice on lost or damaged wristbands, or alternatively can email

5. Refund of un-used credit amounts

5.1 Unused credit amounts greater than $5 will be able to be refunded during the two week window 15 – 29 March following the conclusion of the festival, by visiting

5.2 Users SHOULD NOT DISCARD their wristband following the conclusion of the festival as wristband numbers will be required to process refund applications

5.3 Users are encouraged to note somewhere secure or take a photo of their personal wristband number as soon as they physically receive their wristbands if needed for future reference

5.4 Users that utilised the Top-Up Booths and did not “Activate” their wristbands will also need to visit following the festival to process refunds via bank transfer. Cash refunds will not be available on site

5.5 Users must visit in the 2 week window between 15 – 29 March to process refunds, and allow a further 2 weeks for payments to be processed

5.6 Users can nominate to donate any unused funds to the WOMADelaide Foundation, a not for profit organisation listed on the Register of the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission following the festival

5.7 Any unused funds left unclaimed after Thursday 29 March will be donated to the WOMADelaide Foundation, a not for profit organisation listed on the Register of the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission to support the continuing success, diversity and creative excellence of the festival

5.8 Refund of remaining credit amounts under $5 are unable to, and will not, be processed

6. Appropriate use of WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristbands

6.1 RFID Wristbands may be used only for purchasing goods at WOMADelaide 2018 Cashless Bars

6.2 Use of the WOMADelaide name or brand (other than in connection with the use of a WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristband) is strictly prohibited

7. Liability

7.1 The user is liable for all transactions made with a WOMADelaide 2018 RFID Wristband

7.2 WOMADelaide will under no circumstances be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage arising in relation to any transaction entered into, or provided by the user

7.3 The user agrees that access to, and use of, the WOMADelaide Cashless Bars site, and use of the RFID Wirstbands is subject to these terms and all applicable laws, and is at the user’s own risk