The World's Festival -- 9-12 March 2018 -- Botanic Park, Adelaide WOMADelaide

Customer Information

Bars at WOMADelaide will use a new cashless system in 2018, enabling greater speed of service, staff security and ease of transaction for festivalgoers. Customers will continue to be able to utilise PayWave, PayPass, and EFTPOS for transactions at our bars, but will in addition be able to use their RFID Wristbands with pre-loaded credit to purchase items.

You can utilise the RFID technology contained within your festival wristband (or guest pass) to top-up and spend credit from an account linked to your individual wristband. Using your RFID Wristband in this way will provide a secure and reliable alternative to credit card and cash withdrawal fees, and reduce festival bar and ATM queues.

You will be able to top-up your wristband, plus monitor any remaining credit via our online portal both before and during the festival. Alternatively, you can top-up your wristband at any Top-Up Booth at the festival.

The FAQs below will walk you through the new Cashless Bars system!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to purchase items at the bar with cash in 2018?

No - all bars at WOMADelaide 2018 will be cashless. You will have to use PayWave/PayPass/EFTPOS OR your RFID Wristband pre-loaded with credit to purchase beverages.

How do I load credit onto my wristband BEFORE the festival?

Once you have physically received your wristband, head to to activate your wristband and top-up your account using your wristband number and a Credit/Debit Card. The online top-up portal is also accesible via the WOMADelaide mobile app.

How do I load credit onto my wristband AT the festival?

There will be Top-Up Booths at WOMADelaide 2018 for festivalgoers wishing to use cash to top-up their wristbands - see map for Top-Up Booth locations. Online top-ups can be made at any time, both prior to and during the festival.

How much credit should I put on my wristband?

The average price of beverages at WOMADelaide is around $9, so some quick maths should help you plan your expenses. Make sure to take into account extra funds you may need for children, partners or those friends that always seem to magically disappear on their round. You can use the online portal to top-up your wristband with amounts of either $20, $50 or $100. The maximum wristband credit amount is $500.

What are automatic top-ups?

The best way to enjoy cashless payment technology is to enable Automatic Top-Ups when adding credit. By enabling this feature, your account balance will automatically re-load your last top-up amount into your account when your balance drops below $10. This way you never have to worry about running low on funds or spending valuable time finding a Top-up Station before making bar purchases. 

How do I know how much credit is remaining on my wristband?

Users that have Activated their wristband can login and check their account at any time using the online portal Alternatively, users can request a balance check at any WOMADelaide bar terminal or Top-Up Booth.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to use the cashless RFID wristband system! Please keep in mind however that following the festival, we are unable to process refunds of unused credit for amounts less than $5. Further important refund information is below.

How do I get a refund for any credit that I don’t spend at the festival?

DO NOT DISCARD YOUR WRISTBAND! You will require your wristband number to refund any unused credit after the festival. All users must visit in the 2 week window between 15 – 29 March with your wristband number and bank account details to receive your refund. Please allow a further 2 weeks for payments to be processed.


- We are unable to process any refunds during the festival.

- Refund of credit amounts under $5 are unable to be processed.

Can I choose to donate any left-over funds left on my wristband?

Yes! Any unused funds left unclaimed after 29 March will be donated to the WOMADelaide Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation listed on the Register of the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, to support the continuing success, diversity and creative excellence of the festival! You can also nominate directly to donate your remaining credit following the festival.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?

At the festival, please direct any enquiries to staff at the Top-Up Booths, or alternatively email